Mass Effect 2 (PS3) Offers

If it wasn't already apparent, I like to keep track of gaming sales, and these Kmart deals one might be of interest to you if you're planning on getting either or both Mass Effect 2 (for the Playstation 3) and Dead Space 2 (for whatever platform) sometime soon:

  • From 1/18 to 2/12 - Buy Mass Effect 2 (PS3) and get 50% off of another game priced $60 (e.g. Dead Space 2)
  • Starting 1/25 - Buy Dead Space 2 and get 1600 XBLA points or $20 in PSN points free
  • The week of 1/30 - Mass Effect 2 (PS3) will be on sale for $45

Now here's where the deal stacking trickery may or may not work for you (ymmv): Buy Mass Effect 2 (PS3) on or after 1/25, using the 50% off discount to halve the price of Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 is expected to still net you XBLA or PSN points in combination with that. Your receipt should state whether or not you will be able to price match Mass Effect 2 (PS3) during the week of 1/30 back down to $45.

These deals may be in-store only.

Trickery or not, getting Dead Space 2 will net you Ser Isaac's armor for Dragon Age 2, if you were planning on getting that game anyway.