Dragon Age: Legends Loot Lets You Punch Demons In The Face

We held back on posting this due to a confidentiality agreement tied into the EULA for the closed beta. Since EA has unleashed the unlockables to the internet, however, we can delve into details and wild speculation after the break.

The first three pieces are based on a historical demon hunter named Evra, created by the DA:L team. The other two are based on characters found in the team's previous Dragon Age game, Journeys.

First up is Evra's Might. A weighty ring useful for punching evil things out, this will almost certainly be useful for a warrior and perhaps a rogue.

Evra's Might

Evra's Trophy Belt is the next piece to be featured. Described as having teeth and scraps of armor in it to commemorate previous adventures, this seems to be another piece for the melee-oriented crowd.

Evra's Trophy Belt

Air of Confidence is another ring possessed by Evra, though given to him by a past First Enchanter. Seeing as a mage was the previous owner of this trinket, it will likely have mage-friendly attributes compared to the previous two.

Air of Confidence

The fourth piece is the Ivo Family Crest. Based on House Ivo in Ozrammar, there's not a whole lot to say for sure on the attributes for this piece. If wild speculation's what you want, though, I'm going to go ahead and guess this is a +Constitution piece.

The Ivo Family Crest

Finally, Dura's Blue Flame is another amulet. Though made of silver, this necklace is reported to have a blue glow in certain lights, indicating it may have some lyrium in it. If so, this will likely be a mage piece.

Dura's Blue Flame

As more information comes in, we'll be updating this post.