Dragon Age 2 Demo Tomorrow?

Well, cat's out of the bag. EA Europe may have let slip that a demo for Dragon Age 2 will be coming out tomorrow! Details after the break.User Zhriver on the Gamespot forums reported that the latest newsletter from EA Europe features a header image promoting the pre-order bonuses for DA2, along with an interesting announcement.

Scrabble for iPhone, too?? GIMME!!

The red text translates to "Demo Out Now" in Danish. A user in the GiantBomb forums has reported receiving the email in Norwegian, as well.

There's been no official confirmation from Bioware or EA yet. In fact, it appears that EA has removed the red text from their header images as well for later issues of the email. However, with 2 independent reports of the email in separate languages, no firm confirmation/denial from the source, and the backpedalling from EA Europe, this has all the hallmarks of something that's going to happen.

Now I need to find a way to fix my XBox in the next 12 hours. >.>