Didn’t play Origins? You’ll still have some choices to make.

You won't be able to bring your Warden into Dragon Age 2, but Bioware has confirmed you'll be able to import the Warden's choices into their new game to shape the world that Hawke sees as he rises to become the Champion.

However, what if you never got around to playing Origins? Well, with two months until launch, there's still plenty of time to join the Wardens, stop the Blight, name the ruler, and woo the painted elf, but if you decide to save your time and money, then Bioware will let you choose one of three possible stories before you start your own.

Gamezone, in their preview of the upcoming RPG, didn't state much that hasn't been said about the game in their article, but did reveal the three possible backstories you can choose without importing a DA:O save:

Hero of Ferelden (Default)
Ended Fifth Blight by killing Archdemon and survived. Placed Alistair on the throne.

The Martyr
Young Dalish Elf who died to kill the Archdemon. She left the kingdom ruled by Alisair and Anora.

No Compromise
Dwarven noble took command of Grey Wardens. Exalted [sic] Alistair, sent Loghain to his death against Archdemon, and left Anora as Ferelden’s ruler.

There's a few interesting things to note here. Firstly, despite being the "default" choice, it's more than likely that the presence of Morrigan's Old God Baby will not need to be touched upon at all in this chapter. David Gaider, the lead writer, has already confirmed that neither choice is canon (which means they may always need to write a world with the ritual done and without). And, it's looking more and more difficult to make a situation where your dark promise will have any definite consequence at all in Thedas.

Secondly, these blurbs give us an idea as to what to expect as far as the basic choices that will be imported into Hawke's story. We see that origin, the character who struck the killing blow and whether they survived, and the ruler of Ferelden are all named here. Of course, these are the main decisions in Origins' plotline, but with this we have a base amount of information.

Thirdly, it appears that DA:O imports will still bring more choices into the world than simply selecting a history. Which it should be. Logging 50+ hours into the original game led you to making some profound, though mostly easy, decisions, and it would feel a bit cheap to allow a new player to bring the same level of customizability as a veteran. As it stands, it looks like even decisions from Awakening will be imported, making the expansion more critical then it initially seemed.

Overall, this seems a nice way to bring new players into the game without having them feel that they're missing out. Starting Mass Effect 2 without an ME1 save gave you the impression that a whole lot happened around you, and didn't give nearly the immersion that arriving on Tuchanka and seeing your old friend leading his clan did.