Sneak Preview of Mass Effect: Evolution

Over on the blog for Dark Horse Comics, editor Dave Marshall writes about the upcoming Mass Effect Evolution - a prequel comic series that will shed light on The Illusive Man's backstory. On TIM's character, he writes:

Mass Effect 2 is only the second part in BioWare’s epic sci-fi trilogy. There is much speculation about the Illusive Man’s significance in the final chapter of Commander Shepard’s battle to save all organic life. For a glimpse behind one of the most powerful figures in our galaxy, for an understanding of what role the Illusive Man will play in the events of Mass Effect 3, the Mass Effect: Evolution series is an unmissable piece of canon, crafted by the creators of Mass Effect.

I wasn't a huge fan of Dark Horse's previous ME series, Redemption. The writing seemed stilted and the artists seemed a bit too interested in showing off Liara's shapely Asari curves over developing a good story. However, lore-wise, it gives a good reason to care about the drell that Liara seeks to rescue.

A chair? No thanks, I believe I shall non-chalantly bend over instead...

That said, I'll probably end up checking this series out despite my reservations. Mostly because I'm a shameless fanboy. But also, dude's right. The Illusive Man is quite an interesting character, and aside from learning more about his distrust of aliens, this comic will probably give us a peek at what's in store for ME3.

Also, did you see the tagline on the bottom of the Issue 1 cover?


Holy crap! I always pegged him as a slightly tragic, Loghain-esque character, a once noble defender so battleworn that he's failed to divorce his own interests from those of the people he's protecting. But I think this confirms it. The Illusive Man is a Reaper.