Dragon Age 2 Pre-order DLC Guide

In the months leading up to the release of Dragon Age 2, Bioware has released several DLC promos to drum up interest in the latest entry in their newest Dark Fantasy series. This post will serve as a repository for you to stay up-to-date on these delicious goodies to help your Hawke experience.

Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Pre-Order Items - Free with a pre-order made before 3/8 - Pre-orders placed from now until the game's release will include two promotional weapons. The first is The Lion of Orlais, a shield with bonuses to health and XP gained. The second is the Fadeshear, a one-handed sword that scales with level and includes bonuses to damage against undead and demons. These items will be included with the Signature Edition as well, but if you missed that deadline, you can still pre-order DA2 before 3/8 and get these items.
  • Amulet of Ashes - Free with pre-order through Play.com or Best Buy - The UK games store Play.com and the US store Best Buy offer a free amulet you get when you pre-order through their respective stores. The Amulet of Ashes has bonuses to fire resistance, fire damage and health regeneration, making it beneficial to a mage with primal spells.
  • The Irons - Free with pre-order through the EA store - So, you can get a shield and sword with your pre-order. Well EA, channeling its best Billy Mays impression, has added one more bonus - if you pre-order through their online store here, you'll also be getting The Irons - a belt with bonuses to health, constitution, and resistances to every element. Not a bad tank piece at all.
  • Signature Edition - Free with Pre-Order By 1/11 (Note: This Offer Has Expired) Pre-orders placed on or before 1/11, in addition to getting the rogue with the brogue, received a free upgrade to the Signature Edition, which is no longer available. In addition to The Exiled Prince, the Signature Edition includes a downloadable game soundtrack and four promotional weapons - Apostate's Courage (a staff),  Seeker's Bulwark (a shield), Adder of Antiva (a bow), and Might of Sten (a two-handed sword). There's no current information on the stats of these weapons.

Launch Day DLC

  • Sebastian Vael - The Exiled Prince - Free with Pre-order by 1/11, otherwise $7 - This is a DLC pack which features a new companion and additional missions, similar to Shale from DA:O or Zaeed Massani from Mass Effect 2. Sebastian is a human noble rogue, seemingly focused on archery talents based on his trailer, and his quests will involve seeking vengeance for his murdered family. This pack is included for free in the Signature Edition, but if you missed the pre-order deadline for that, then you can purchase this on launch date for $7 (or 560 points in Microsoft/Bioware speak).
  • The Black Emporium - Free when you buy a new copy of DA2, $10 if you buy a pre-owned copy - A promotion for "original purchases" of Dragon Age 2, the Black Emporium brings three bonuses found in a mysterious shop underneath Kirkwall - a purchasable whistle to summon a Mabari companion, a mirror which allows the player to re-customize their look, and a special shop which sells runes and crafted items otherwise unavailable in-game. If you bought Mass Effect 2 and took part in the Cerberus Network, then you should know how this works.

Promotional Items

  • Hayder's Razor - Free for users who complete the demo before 5/31/2011 - Hayder's Razor is an "ancient Dwarven blade" with bonuses to health, mana, and combat abilities. This will be available to players who play through the demo of Dragon Age 2, which will be downloadable on 2/22/11.
  • Lothering's Lament and The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall - Free (unlocked after 1 million demo logins) - As a promotion to drum up interest in the upcoming demo, Bioware will unlock two downloadable books if 1 million people download the demo and log into their EA accounts through it within the first week of its availability. These books, when used, will give either XP or gold to the player, boosting the early game.
  • Of Things Not Lost - Free after March 4th with 1,000,000 Facebook impressions each day - As a promotion to drum up interest in the game release, Bioware will unlock another downloadable books if the Dragon Age Facebook page's posts get 1,000,000 impressions on the day they are posted for every post until March 4th. The effects of this book have not yet been revealed.
  • Hindsight - Hindsight is quite a unique belt. Crafted years ago by the Dwarven smith Thaulid Hammerspur, it has the uncanny ability to protect its wearer from death by the cause that killed its previous owner. In-game, it will give an added resistance to the most recent form of damage that caused your character's death (for example, if you're blown up by a fire spell, Hindsight will give you a bonus to fire resistance). You can receive Hindsight by signing up for the newsletter. This promotion is a joint venture with Penny Arcade, and includes an amusing motion comic of the storied history of this somewhat useful belt.
  • The Staff of Parlathan - This is another promotional item that can be gained by signing up for the Dragon Age newsletter. The Staff of Parlathan is a Hawke family heirloom that can be traced back to a mage who, at King Calenhad's side, helped unite the barbarian tribes to form the Kingdom of Ferelden. Though no stats have been released yet, this will likely be useful for your favorite mage throughout the game. By signing up for the newsletter, you can receive a redeemable code in your email inbox to have this staff available at the game's launch.

Cross-Franchise Promotions

  • Ring of Whispers - free with $15+ purchase from Epic Weapons after 2/16/2011 OR purchase a DA2 themed Razer gaming accessory - If you buy $15 or more of Dragon Age collectibles (weapon replicas, pendants, or coasters) from Epic Weapons after February 16, 2011, you will receive a promo code to add the Ring of Whispers for Dragon Age 2 to your account. There is now a second means to get this in-game item, through purchasing an item from the new line of Dragon Age 2 themed Razer gaming accessories (excluding the messenger bag).
  • Ser Isaac's Armor - free with purchase of Dead Space 2 before 3/31/2012 - New Copies of EA's space horror title Dead Space 2 will have a code to download a full armor set with aesthetic similarities to the space engineer's suit. Classified as a heavy armor, with bonuses to armor, critical damage, and a total of two runeslots. You can go here for our post on the details.

Dragon Age: Legends Unlockables

  • There's a total of five pieces of gear you can unlock through this Facebook tie-in, and you can find more information about them here.

This is an ongoing dump for Dragon Age 2 promotional items, so we will update as more news comes in.

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