Bioware Really Wants You To Romance Kaidan

There's a thread over on the Bioware forums about an interesting glitch for PS3 players who use the interactive comic before diving into the main game. In Shepard's cabin onboard the new Normandy, you will find a portrait of your love interest from ME1 on Shepard's desk. Well, for PS3 players, this portrait appears to be Kaidan no matter your choices, or lack thereof, regarding romance and who survives the Virmire encounter.

So dreamy

From some reports, it appears that this glitch doesn't effect actual gameplay sections involving your old flame within the game. If you romance Liara, for instance, you'll still greet her with a kiss on Illium and discuss little blue children with her. Nevertheless, it is being referred to as the "Best. Bug. Ever."

[Bug] Love Interest Photo - Bioware Forums