Collector’s Edition of a Strategy Guide?

Really, Commander? Strange as it may seem, apparently Dragon Age 2's official strategy guide will have a collector's edition of its own. Since there is no collector's edition of the game itself, I suppose that makes sense... It is slated to be released on the same day as Dragon Age 2, so expect to find it alongside Dragon Age 2 on the store shelves. Picture and information about its contents after the break. Read More

New Lore for The Dragon Age Races

Over on the Bioware Blog, Chris Priestly has given us a sneak peak at some codex pieces on the lore behind Surface Dwarves, The Dalish, and The Qunari. These pieces of lore provide an interesting light on the stories of these races, and open some possibilities to how they'll play out in Dragon Age 2. We'll be diving into what this might mean after the break. Read More

Once Upon A Time, Tython Sucked

Oops, the cat is out of the bag. Actually, Bioware guy Daniel Erickson was confident in revealing that bit of development history because Bioware has since revamped Jedi starting area Tython to fan-appeasing glory. In the February 2011 issue of PC Gamer (UK Edition), writer Rich McCormick gives us a brief assessment of the detail that goes into questing in Star Wars: The Old Republic. MMO's that don't ask fledgling jedis to pick Force berries? Oh my. Read More

Flashpoint Is The New Dungeon

The TOR team today revealed the Flashpoints, the MMO's story-based dungeon system. The Flashpoint takes you and a team through elite instances accomplishing missions and making dialogue choices that will affect how the instance plays out. Trailer and more info after the break.

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Mass Effect 2 (PS3) Offers

If it wasn't already apparent, I like to keep track of gaming sales, and these Kmart deals one might be of interest to you if you're planning on getting either or both Mass Effect 2 (for the Playstation 3) and Dead Space 2 (for whatever platform) sometime soon: Read More

First Look at Space Combat (Jace Hall Show)

Jace Hall interviews Bioware in the latest two webisodes of his show. After a slew of not-so-serious antics, episode 10 ends with a tantalizing preview of his hands on with SWTOR's space combat. Episode 11 follows through with more footage of the space combat minigame as Bioware marketing guru Leo Olebe fails to educate Jace on how to play it, and the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek (and Battlestar Galactica). Read More